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---Sir William Osler(1849-1919)
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Future of Focused Ultrasound Therapy

On July 9, The future of minimally invasive and noninvasive technology, a section of “ The Fifth Yangtze International Summit of Minimally Invasive and Noninvasive Medicine & 2023 ‘One Belt One Road’ Innovation Forum on Minimally Invasive and Noninvasive Medicine”, was successfully held.

This sub-forum was co-chaired by Chileshe Raphael Mpehle, Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Consultant at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, Zhang Qiushi, Director of the Gynecology Department of Guangdong Second People's Hospital, Yao Qing, Director of the Gynecology Medical Quality Control Center of Tongren City, Wu Feng, Deputy director of the Biomedical Engineering Department of Chongqing Medical University, and Wojciech Chrzanowski, professor of the University of Sydney, Australia. Eight experts shared a wonderful lecture on the theme of “The future of minimally invasive and noninvasive technology ”, and jointly discussed the clinical value of focused ultrasound therapy in neuroregulation, prostate hyperplasia, biological effects, malignant tumors in special sites, immune regulation, turbinate volume reduction and sensitization, allergic rhinitis, nano synergism and other aspects.
Lou Xin, professor of Department of Radiology of the First Medical Center, PLA General Hospital, shared a special lecture on “Advances in clinical applications of MRI-guided HIFU neuromodulation”. The relevant information of this new technology is introduced. She shared the clinical application, research progress and future trend of “MRI-guided HIFU” in the field of neurosurgery, reflecting that “MRI-guided HIFU” has been recognized by more and more medical experts and professors because of its non-invasive, accurate and safe characteristics. In the future, the “MRI-guided HIFU” technology will continue to expand its application scenario, benefit more patients, and bring new options for non-invasive precision encephalopathy treatment.
Lv Fajin, Director of Department of Radiology and Director/Chief Physician of Department of Medical Imaging Technology of First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, shared a special lecture on “Preliminary practice on the set-up of minimally invasive and noninvasive image diagnosis and treatment center”. The breakthrough of the diagnosis and treatment mode of the integrated center of micro-non-invasive medical imaging has brought about the application and innovation of new technologies, which can promote the development of micro-non-invasive medicine.
Shkurin Mikhail Alexandrovich, specialist on HIFU - therapy, shared a special lecture on “Immediate results of treatment of patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia by transabdominal ultrasound ablation: a pilot study”. Transabdominal ultrasound ablation in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia has good clinical effect.
Guo Xu, Director of Oncology Department of Suining Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, shared a special lecture on “Clinical application of focused ultrasound ablation for the treatment of malignant tumors in special body parts”. The practical clinical application of focused ultrasound ablation is beyond expert consensus. The accumulation of surgical experience, the maturity of clinical programs, and the diversification of anesthesia/analgesia have accelerated the expansion of benign and malignant indications. The concept of comprehensive treatment of cancer is popularized, which promotes the expansion of malignant indications of this therapy. The focused ultrasound ablation of special tumors is no longer an isolated case.
Wu Feng, Deputy Director of Biomedical Engineering Department of Chongqing Medical University, shared a lecture on “HIFU immunomodulation: Is it true in clinical applications?”. HIFU can also activate tumor immunity and enhance immune response. The possible mechanisms are as follows: 1. Reduce tumor load and restore immune function; 2. The destruction of tumor cells leads to the rupture of tumor cells and the release of immune activators, stimulating the body's immune system; 3. Activate the immune response of immune cells. Tumor cells lyse and release antigenic substances, which activates the immune cells to carry out anti-tumor immune response.
Chen Wei, Director of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery and Sleep Medicine Center of Wuhan Central Hospital, shared a special lecture on “Efficacy of focused ultrasound for nasal turbinate reduction and desensitization”. The incidence of chronic rhinitis is high. When drug treatment and immunotherapy are ineffective, surgical treatment can be selected as an effective supplement. As a new non-invasive surgical method, focused ultrasound therapy can reduce volume and sensitization of the lesion, and can be used in combination with the operation of nasal septum deviation and sinusitis. Focused ultrasound therapy is effective for the treatment of rhinitis, with the advantages of minimally invasive, efficient, low-risk, repeatable treatment, etc. It is suitable for outpatient or ward to achieve visualization, intelligent and precise treatment in the treatment of rhinitis. Its application in other diseases of the nose needs to be studied and developed, and is expected to be applied in many fields of ENT.
Yang Yucheng, Deputy Director/Chief Physician of Department of Otolaryngology, First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, shared a special lecture on “Focused Ultrasound: a new surgical option for allergic rhinitis”. Focused ultrasound is a new choice of surgical treatment of allergic rhinitis, ushering in a new era of surgical medicine under the guidance of the concept of minimally invasive and non-invasive treatment! Through "volume reduction" + "sensitization" + mucosal protection and other ways to better achieve the purpose of treatment.
Wojciech Chrzanowski, Professor of the University of Sydney, shared a special lecture on “Nanoparticle-enhanced therapeutic effects of HIFU”. Through the establishment of cancer models, preliminary exploration on safety and effectiveness was made through physiological simulators, basic research, and finally data analysis.



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